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Perl 4

Big Data Datacenters is impressed with your overall work and wants to start finalizing the strategy for using Perl in its organization. First of all, it is looking for a single, cohesive document that details your work so far. Update the document based on any past instructor feedback, and make improvements as necessary.

A topic that is getting some discussion lately is that of a graphical user interface (GUI) approach versus a scripting approach. Include in your document an analysis on these two approaches with consideration given to the following:

  • Discuss the strengths and weakness of a GUI and a scripting approach.
  • Should a combined approach be considered that uses both GUIs and scripts?
  • Give your recommendations for the following use cases. Which approach would you select and why?
    • Execute a backup job that runs every night at 1 a.m.
    • Create user accounts on a system that is typically performed by a person.
    • Execute a job that runs every 5 minutes and that checks for disk free space and sends an alert if the available disk space is less than 10%.
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