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pesrsonal essay

500 words about me , my name is Abdulrahman.almajreb im 23 years old i like runnig outside, freediving, im inertnaional student from kuwait , in middle east , and i failed one time in a high school and then i  thinking i have to study and work very and i graduated from high school then i didnt got a good GBA  , then i thought with myself to enter to a college to study and then transfer to university , my ambition to get a BA  and i will work hard in my life to be professor at university to teach a student this my ambition , the english its my second language , when i started to learn English its was very hard to learn new language but i worked very hard and i was studied english every single day to learn a new words , but i did it , and i will  reach to  my target in the coming day, and  my parents will proud of me

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