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PHASE 4 IP & Phase 5 IP

Phase 4 IP

4 to 5 pages APA due 3/15/2017

Research and discuss 1 public health issue in the United States today. Write a paper that addresses the following:

  • Explain why it is a public health issue and what is currently being done to address it at the local, state, and federal levels.

  • Discuss any applicable health policies and regulations that may be in place to address the issue

Phase 5 IP

8 to 9 pages APA due  3/22/2017

Examine and research 1 chronic disease (e.g., heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity) and write a paper that discusses the following:

  • A comparison of 2 health care policies that are in place (either at the state or federal level) that address the disease

  • The impact the disease has had on the U.S. population and health care system as a whole

  • Strategies that are in place to educate and promote prevention of the disease through public health at the federal and state levels

  • Any challenges and progress to date that has been made in preventing and reducing health risks associated with the disease

  • 2–3 strategies that may increase awareness, education, and prevention of that disease

Note: Use APA style and at least 4 scholarly references.

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