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I need two discussion replies 150 words each 

Read the excerpts on Stockhausen’s Gesang der Junlinge (Songs of Youth), Reading #2. Then listen to the piece at the link above, you may even listen while you read.Strategies for listening:-Look at the sample translation and listen for the sung phrase “Preiset den Herrn” (Praise ye the Lord).-The idea here is that this sung phrase is supposed to emerge out of and then be buried by the sounds of the “electronic fire”.-Listen to sections of the piece and try to pick out whenever this phrase is sung (kind of like a listening game!).Discussion questions/points:-Does the deeply religious aspect of this music change you approximation of it?-At the time this piece was hailed by many as the future of music, can you think of times when you might have heard electronic sounds like these?-This music was made with numerous simple Sine Tone oscillators (meaning they make a pure tone with NO timber) and a tape machine, no synthesizers existed at this time. Consider the complexity of the sounds, do you think it would be difficult to create these sounds with such basic materials?-Make an opinion about the music: did you enjoy listening? Did you totally hate it? Are you somewhere in between? Would you not want to listen again, but found it interesting? Please speak your mind.-Stockhausen uses the stereo field of the 2 speakers to make it seem as if the sounds are moving around in the space in front of you. Can you pick this out? For fun try listening to a minute with headphones on.

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