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PHI 103 Week 5 Quiz

The file PHI 103 Week 5 Quiz includes right solutions on the following questions:

1. Question : The sentence "P ? Q" is read as

2. Question : "P v Q" is best interpreted as

3. Question : What is the truth value of the sentence "P v ~ P"?

4. Question : If P is false, and Q is false, the truth-value of "P ?Q" is

5. Question : "Julie and Kurt got married and had a baby" is best symbolized as

6. Question : "~ P v Q" is best read as

7. Question : One of the disadvantages of using truth tables is

8. Question : A sentence is said to be truth-functional if and only if

9. Question : A conditional sentence with a false antecedent is always

10. Question : In the truth table for an invalid argument

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