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PHIL 1301

Our world is filled with technological innovations that are claimed to "make life easier."  In industry, robotics has taken over much work that was performed by humans.  There is a group of thinkers and millionaires who are collectively called the Transhuman Movement.  These people are working toward us having digital biology - in other words, our biological systems will be replaced by computer hardware and software.  These people are not kidding, and this is no joke.  You can find their vision of humanity at Singularity University.  Check out their "Global Grand Challenges" at  

Using what you have learned in this course so far, and in conversation with the bio-tech wizards at SU, discuss what you think it means to be human.  We are entering an unprecedented area of human existence, when much of what we have assumed about life is being challenged.  How can the philosophy that you have learned about this semester help you make sense of this 'brave new world'? 

Some questions to consider (you do not have to address all of them in your response - remember I am looking for you to use what you have learned to show "what it means to be human."

Should we accept the bio-tech wizards' view of humanity without first coming to a solid understanding of what it means to be human? 

Should humans be morphed into machines? 

Who will control the technology that will literally be us? 

Will they not have too much control?

Is this an attempt by humans to be that thing many choose not to believe in: god?  

You can earn up to 25 points for your response.  No word limit, just the quality of the content and application of philosophy in the response.

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