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philosophy homework

i need help with this home work

DUE: Wednesday 30 mins before class. No late papers. 

Film Reflection Prompt on Sartre: Human, All Too Human (Links to an external site.) (if the link is broken, search for it.)

WRITE at least one single-spaced essay on Sartre’s philosophy in which you answers the questions below.

But first WATCH the film… Write down the things you agree/disagree with as you are watching. After you have watched the whole thing, go back to a few of these things and write about why you agree/disagree.

Strive to incorporate the answers to these questions in your essay:

  1. Who was Sartre in the history of Western philosophy?
  2. How did the experiences he had in life shape/motivate his philosophy?
  3. What metaphysical (existence precedes essence), epistemological and ethical/moral positions did he take?
  4. What did he mean by Nausea? What happened at the tree?
  5. What did he think was the challenge of the human condition?
  6. What is Sartre’s view on human freedom?
  7. Are you with or against Sartre? Take a stand and defend your position.
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