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Philosophy of ReligionSpring 2019Take Home Test -- 200 points (Due: April 19, Dropbox, by 4:00pm)Section I -- 100 pointsWrite no more than one (1) paragraph for each question.1. Choose one of the

Write only one page for every question

4. comment on the historical background of a father “giving away” his daughter at a Christian wedding ceremony?

3. if you are a religious person and are committed to a single tradition, what do you do with the fact that miracles are reported and revered in all religions, and that each miraculous complex witness to the truth of a different and quite contradictory set of doctrines? How do you practice fair comparison here?

2. what would happen to our religions if we understood religions doctrines as mediating “symbols” rather than as literal “dogmas”, that is if we came to terms with the role of the imagination in religion? What if we took to heart the Muslima mystic Junaid: “The color of the water is that of the vessel which contains it”?  

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