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In this project, you will be applying the aesthetic media techniques you have learned in each chapter by providing examples.

Start taking photos with your digital camera or smartphone, and uploading them on powerpoint presentation (2 photos each per slide with) along with detailed descriptions of the photos.

Please see below the lists of techniques you need to include in your powerpoint presentation. You will need to take photos to represent the technique. Your photos must be original photos taken by you. If you scoop the photo from Google Images or elsewhere, this will be considered plagiarizing – and will result in you failing the assignment entirely. Your assignment is to provide examples, just like the ones in the textbook photos, and write a short description under photo to describe how selected technique is used to communicate mood, emotional state, situation, storyline ambience, etc.

Please be mindful that this is neither a photography class nor a video production class. In this course, you will simply learn basic techniques related to media aesthetics. You will not only be able to recognize these techniques in everyday media environments, but you should able to demonstrate mastery of these techniques in your photos.   



  1. Visibility of Light
  2. Cast shadow: object connected
  3. Cast shadow object disconnected
  4. Chat shadow independent
  5. Cast shadows suggest locale
  6. Cast shadows add drama
  7. Fast fall off
  8. Slow fall off
  9. Elimination of falloff
  10. Fast falloff facial texture emphasized
  11. Slow falloff facial texture reduced
  12. Outdoor illumination day
  13. Outdoor illumination night
  14. Indoor lighting day
  15. Indoor lighting night
  16. Cast shadows tell time
  17. Slice of light
  18. High Key lighting
  19. Low-key lighting
  20. Above eye level lighting
  21. Below eye level lighting
  22. Predictive lighting


  1. Select min. 3 lighting techniques between 3.1- 3.6 example
  2. Chiaroscuro lighting
  3. Rembrandt Lighting
  4. Cameo Lighting
  5. Flat lighting
  6. Silhouette lighting


  1. Take 10 photos that emphasize Color to indicate mood, energy, symbol

For instance write color white symbolizes purity and take photos that represent your description, perhaps red shows passion, etc.

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