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Go to the text publisher's website:  http://www.mhhe.com/heneman8e (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and click on Student Edition.  Open the Tanglewood Stores Casebook.

Read Case 1 in the Tanglewood Stores Case and answer the following question:

1. Develop recommendations for how the organization should staff its operations, focusing on strategic decisions pertaining to staffing levels and quality.  These decisions are discussed in the textbook.


General Comments about Assignments

Write your answers and comments concisely, answering the question(s) as directly as possible. Remember, you must answer the questions about cases using the facts of the case and the concepts introduced in the textbook and any additional readings. The general format for all your case answers is to relate the concepts and principles from the textbook or other readings to the facts in the case. Reporting all sorts of background information is unnecessary. However, you do need to refer back to the facts in the case that support your statements and conclusions.

The quality of your analysis and its clarity. It is difficult to describe the length of and amount of detail that should be in good answers. Obviously, this is a judgment call that varies case by case, and question by question. However, usually you can write good answers in 500-700 words per case, although obviously this varies according to the number of questions you are asked to answer. You may exceed the word limits without penalty when necessary to adequately answer the questions.  but in general good tests of the quality of your analysis is to ask yourself "Does this answer show that I read and understood the material in the text?" and "Could I have written this answer without reading the book?

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