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Physics 1210: College Physics I Unit 9: Buoyancy and Fluid Dynamics Lab

ACTIVITY 1: Finding the density of a fluid

Reset everything in the Buoyancy simulation and make sure everything is unchecked under “Show Forces” and “Readouts”. Your simulation window should look like the one below.

ACTIVITY 2: Explore how the pressure in a fluid changes with height.

Start the “Fluid Pressure and Flow” simulation and turn on (check the boxes for) “Grid” and “Ruler”. Expand the “Fluid Density” and “Gravity” buttons. When ready to start the activity, make sure your simulation window looks as shown in the figure below.

ACTIVITY 3: Explore how the pressure and speed change in a fluid flowing in a pipe

Select the “Flow” tab at the top of your simulation window and the “Flux meter”. Your simulation window should look as in the picture below. The flux meter allows you to read the area through which fluid is flowing. 

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