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physics help please, there are 2 pictures but I only need help with numbers 41,42, and 47. Three problems.

37. The destructive and constructive interference of light that passes through two closelyspaced slits producesa. a continuous white bandb. a single band of one colorc. a single continuous spectrumd. interference fringes 38. The paths of light waves that come from two slits and that interfere to form first-orderbandsa. differ in length by one wavelength of the lightb. are parallelc. are perpendiculard. are exactly the same length 39. Thin-film interference is caused by a. absorption of colors in a pigment b. incoherent light changing into reflected coherent lightc. light reflecting off the top of the film only d. light passing through a thin film 40. A monochromatic light source emits light of a. all wavelengths b. one wavelength c. different wavelengths that interfere constructivelyd. different wavelengths that interfere destructively 41. The strongest colors reflected in a thin film have wavelengths in the film equal toof the thinnest possible film.a. the thicknessb. twice the thicknessc. four times the thicknessd. two or four times the thickness. depending upon the number of wave inversions 42. In a double-slit experiment. the slits are 0.025 mm apart and a screen is placed 0.75m away. The first order bright band is found to be 1.35 cm from the central bright band.What is the wavelength of the light? a. 250 nmb. 410 nmc. 450 nmd. 720 nm

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