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Create a PowerPoint presentation that details tips on building your own professional learning network. As you ponder the value of establishing your own professional learning network (PLN), think about the kind of network you will build. 

In your presentation, be sure to include: 

·         Slide 1: Create a title slide (title of the work, your name, and the name of the university).

·         Slide 2: State the intended outcome for the presentation.

·         Slide 3-4: How will you determine who to follow (criteria)?

·         Slide 5-6: How will you use PLNs to engage your own learners?

·         Slide 6-10: Create a “Top 10” of Who to Follow on social media—justify each selection, and explain how it will serve to support your role as a teacher leader.

·         Slide 11: How have social media connections impacted your educational role?

·         Slide 12-13: State the conclusions and/or lessons learned.

·         Slide 14: List your references.

Your presentation should have an introduction and a conclusion. Be sure to use the slide notes section, and include a justification for each selection.

Your presentation should be at least 12 slides in length. Cite and reference any outside sources using APA format. Title and reference slides do not count toward the length of the presentation.

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