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The Davisson-Germer experiment provided a strong evidence supporting the wave na-ture of electron. Consider an electron with momentum p = 8 x 10 eV/c (c is thespeed of light) injected onto a crystal target, with an angle 0, as shown in the picturebelow. The de Broglie wave of the electron could reflect on different layers of the crys-tal lattice, and exhibits interference effects when it gets reflected. The lattice spacingis a ~ 0.1 nm.What is the possible value of sin ( for constructive interference effect to occurin the outgoing electron wave?PUseful constants of nature for answering the above questions are:c = 3 x 105 m/s is the speed of light.h ~ 4x 10 15 eV - s is Planck constant.1m=10# nm.

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