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Please follow the Explain direction on doing this pro's and con's 2 scholarly sources needs.

A minimum of 100 words response. What is unique about your peers’ selected study? How do the study findings contribute to the areas of anatomy and physiology or to your personal life and career? Include at least two scholarly sources to support your research and findings and all sources must be referenced and cited according to APA style. 

The skeletal system and muscular system (often grouped together and referred to as the musculoskeletal system) are extremely vital to the proper function of the human body. The skeletal system is a wondrous structure that serves more functions than simply providing a framework for the human body. It also produces blood cells, provides protection for organs, helps us to breathe, acts as a warehouse for mineral storage, and, along with the muscular system, allows for movement. (Colbert, B. 2013).  Dr. Timothy Shaw, a professor of Human Anatomy from Bethel University once said, “There are muscles with very broad origins and tight insertions. There are long and thin muscles and there are short and fat muscles. All of these different muscles pull on bones in different ways and give our body a variety of different movements.” (Shaw, T. 2009). In other words, the muscles in our body allow us to move!

·      Visit the Ashford University Library and identify one research study that relates to either the skeletal or muscular system.  Using your own words, summarize the main findings in this study.

The study I found involved following the cases of patients who had a metastatic bone tumor operation and the effects it has on the skeletal system. The purpose of this study is to broaden the information available to health care professionals for future use in similar cases. Such knowledge as which parts of the skeletal system are metastatic tumors most likely to occur, the demographics of people effected, and the level of success involved in surgery. The method used in this investigative study was comparison of post surgery patient medical information. They found that of the 209 patients studied, the majority was male and the average age of a patient was 59.2. The most likely are to have a metastatic tumor is the proximal femur and a large amount of these tumors originated in the lungs and breasts. (Cirakli, A. 2016).

The weakness of this study is the amount of people investigated. I think 209 is a good start, but in relation to the population of even one state it is miniscule. Also they experienced unclear observations to some degree in 58 patients.

·      Assess the relevance of the researched information and relate it to an experience in your own life or to your professional or academic career.

A study like this hits close to home for me. My father has a very rare bone disorder called Chronic Non-bacterial Osteomyelitis (CNO). He experienced numerous incidences over about 8 years before a proper diagnosis was made. At one point they told him he had bone cancer. Another time they thought he had a bone tumor. It is through studies like this that providers are able to gain knowledge that is needed to diagnose patients correctly the first time.

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