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PLEASE help me check grammar about this essay: America is a good opportunity to growth Foxy's market, but to expand the new market would cost a lot

PLEASE help me check grammar about this essay: America is a good opportunity to growth Foxy's market, but to expand the new market would cost a lot of money and time, it's important for Foxy to do a research and decide where to launch the product. From doing a accounting information analysis, it would help company to make a decision of how much price, transportation, exporting cost is better. The strength of Foxy is that two owners have experience of styling product, Low price, and Current market in Canada. But the weakness of Foxy is that they don't have international experience , the cost of retail store would be a high expense, and the Us marketing of jewelry is saturation, there has risk of eliminate by local market and strong competitors.ALTERNATIVE IDENTIFICATION Foxy Originals must evaluate the expected profits, market-entry time, and the complexity of each alternative carefully in order to make a decision of which option is the best choice. Foxy Originals currently has three options : Option one: Foxy Originals can sell products at trade shows. From trade shows, two owner would have a opportunity to communicate with potential customers, retail owners, and sales people, it's also a good chance to show their products and get order from the shows. From -------------, it is thus clear that to attend a trade show will cost $9433.33, and will get an average of $8230.42 profit. Therefore the company will generate $82304.2 profit by attending 10 trade show. To run a trade show, it would needs Kluger and Orol have to show up in the each show, in the addition of set up, move the booths, travel and publish the tickets, not only the whole year scheduled but those complex process, it is low profit and needs to take a long time to enter America market. Second option: Foxy Originals can hire sale representatives to sell their products. The sale representatives have much more experience than owners, and they have a good relationship with retailer and industry,it would help company have a good connect with customers, and help company get into the US market quickly and efficiency. Through hiring four sales representatives, it needs to compensated them commission on all sales, and rental spaces, the company will spend $19182.50 for each sales representatives, four sales representatives will cost $86320 in profits. According their experience, it get sooner to enter the America market, and the price is much lower. Third option: Foxy Originals can use both two way that trade show and hire sales representatives in order to enter US market. Although sales representatives is low cost and high profit, in view of the complex reason between spillover sales and contract, this way seems more stable to help company enter US market without being defeat. From ---------, it shows this option will cost Foxy Originals $180,653.30 a year, but only get $168,624.2 a year. It is easy to see this option still needs to consider.

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