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Please help me to work out this simpler liner regression problem thank you very much in advance. A recent study by the World Bank wished to determine...

To test the significance of the relationship, a 5% level of significance was adopted.

1. State the direction of the alternative hypothesis used to test the statistical significance of the relationship. Type gt (greater than), ge (greater than or equal to), lt (less than), le (less than or equal to) or ne (not equal to) as appropriate in the box. 2. Calculate the test statistic, reporting your answer to two decimal places. 3. Use the tables in the textbook to determine the critical value (in absolute terms) to three decimal places 4. Is the null hypothesis rejected for this test? Type yes or no. 5. Disregarding your answer in part 4, if the null hypothesis was not rejected, would there appear to be a linear relationship between resource abundance and economic growth? Type yes or no. 

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