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Fraud Waste and Abuse FWA Paper


You will prepare a two-page paper on a recent instance of federal fraud, waste, or abuse. The paper should be based on research of a federal department or agency and how a current instance of fraud, waste, or abuse was detected and addressed by that department or agency. This paper, including citations and bibliographic references, is to be done in APA style.

Lists recent (since January 2015) instance of federal fraud, waste, or abuse in a federal agency

Summarize the issue, what led to the issue occurring.  List the reason that the issue is an instance of fraud, waste and abuse, and list if the issue is fraud, waste or abuse.  

The paper should identify the steps the agency took (e.g., the OIG) to identify the fraud

Delineate steps you recommend the agency should take to avoid the issue in the future (e.g., improve specific internal controls, change hiring conditions) 

Proper research - identify at least two sources, and sources listed in a references section 

Proper format: 2-3 pages of content (at least 2 full pages) + 1 cover page + 1 page for sources; section headings, double spaced, page numbers

Proper grammar and spelling (e.g., proper spelling, proper punctuation, etc.)

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