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Please read the details before handshake

------------------------------------------------------Please don't ask for hansshake before reading--------------------------------

you have to read the following chapter and answer one of the questions based on your understanding of the reading. The exercise is 350 words long (-/+10%) and the exercise should be in response to the question. 

The reading for this exercise:

You have to read Part 2 and Intermezzo, pp. 69-218 from the above reading 

And the questions for you to choose from:

– How does the crisis of Modernity determine sovereign power?


– How does crisis operate in post-modernity?

Objective of the exercise: 

To encourage a continuous engagement with the material. To train the students in developing and writing an argument. To hone the writing skills of the students. To assist the students in a gradual understanding of the concept of sovereignty.

Marking Criteria:

1. Relevance -  Particularly well focused and fully engaged.

2. Strength of Argument - Particularly perceptive; detailed; welldeveloped; consistent and convincing.

3. Use of Evidence - Full command of textual evidence; a broad range of well-chosen quotations.

4. Presentation - Particularly fluent; excellent command of grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraphing; full referencing and bibliography


- Please dont use any outside research from the web, it has to be only the reading that i have given. 

- Also, when you quote something from the reading please use the page numbers of that particular reading example (p.15). 

- Use many evidence from the reading.

- Dont use complicated English because when I am presenting in class, I should be able to understand what i am talking about. 

- In case you dont understand the questions, Please don't ask for the handshake.


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