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POL 310 Week 2 Quiz

This file POL 310 Week 2 Quiz has solutions on the following questions:

1. The Copenhagen Accord is a: (Points : 1)

2. Carbon equivalency is a useful tool when discussing climate change because greenhouse gases other than carbon: (Points : 1)

3. Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are examples of: (Points : 1)

4. When a polluting company that seeks to avoid rigorous emissions standards relocates to a country with less rigorous standards, it is an example of: (Points : 1)

5. Reforestation efforts to that seek to reduce concentrations of greenhouse gases by improving sinks is an example of: (Points : 1)

6. Dry deposition of acid rain: (Points : 1)

7. Ways to reduce vehicle emissions include all of the following, except: (Points : 1)

8. According to the E.P.A., carbon dioxide is: (Points : 1)

9. The N.A.A.Q.S. apply to all of the following, except: (Points : 1)

10. The Clean Air Act requires states to work in conjunction with the federal government to develop a(n) _________ to bring air quality into compliance with national standards. (Points : 1)

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