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political sociology Paper.

2 pages to 2 1/2 pages.

you need to read the article before writing the essay. 


1) Brad, Melissa, and Greg read an interesting New York Times short article on work on the 21

century . Having read the article, Brad said: “Weber was right all along. His argument on

bureaucratic domination explains why people work so hard.” Melissa, responded: “What are you

talking about. Everything you have in this article suggests that Weber was wrong. Foucault, on

the other hand, provides a much better way of understanding how people behave!” Finally, Greg

said that without taking into account Lukes’ three-dimensional view of power, it would be

impossible to understand the article. What do you think—who is right here? What is your take

on the article? Be sure to base your argument with reference to the readings. You do not need

necessarily to one position—the arguments may be compatible, but you need to demonstrate

that you can reason using the underlying concepts.

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