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Polyester is the result of what kind of reaction?

Question 1

1.      Polyester is the result of what kind of reaction?

Question 2

1.      The polymer that remains when the natural binding agent is removed from wood and other plants is called:

Question 3

1.      Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding the smoke produced during polymeric fires?

Question 4

1.       What precaution is taken to warn firefighters or emergency responders of the presence of a substance that may autopolymerize?

Question 5

1.      Which of the following statements about polymer decomposition and combustion is INCORRECT?

Question 6

1.       What toxic substance that has a lethal dose of 2,000 to 5,000 ppm to laboratory animals has been detected in smoke from polymeric fires? __________.

Question 7

1.       A known human carcinogen that is used in the production of polychloroprene is called __________.

Question 8

1.       The phenomenon associated with the spread of fire from a burning area to other areas physically isolated from the initial fire source is known as __________.

Question 9

1.       The term rubber refers to any of the natural or synthetic polymers having two main properties: deformation under strain and elastic recovery after vul¬canization. These polymers are called __________.

Question 10


At a polymeric fire scene, the gases formed depend on the chemical nature of the polymers that have burned or undergone thermal decomposition. Natural polymers having an animal origin contain proteins which in turn are composed of amino acids. Of concern are two amino acids (methionnc and cysteine) as they produce the toxic gases 1) __________ upon decomposition and 2) __________ upon combustion.

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