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Portflio Milestone - Human Resources Strategic Plan

Module 2: Portfolio Milestone

Grade: N/A

Category: Assignments

Period: WINTER16-D-8

Portfolio Milestone (25 Points of the final Portfolio grade)

Important! Read First

Choose one of the following two assignments to complete this week. Do not do both assignments. Identify your assignment choice in the title of your submission.

Option #1: Outline

Prepare an outline of your plan project and submit it to your instructor for review. Please use APA format and include a two- to three-sentence description of each section.

Although you will not earn points in Week 2 for this deliverable, it is a required component of the Portfolio Project, and you will lose points on your final project grade if you fail to submit this assignment as required by the end of Week 2. See the Portfolio Project grading rubric in the Module 8 Materials folder for details.

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