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POS 110 Week 4 Discussion Questions

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DQ 1: Chapter 6 discusses background factors that affect elections. These factors include such things as the immigrant society, the melting pot, regional shift, the graying of America, political ideologies, and participation. Consult Participation: Are You a Liberal or Conservative? Located in Week Four on the Materials tab of the student web page to find out how liberal or conservative you are. Then, address the following discussion question. To what extent do you think liberalism, conservatism, and the aforementioned factors affect elections in America? Use a personal experience or a current news article to support your answer.DQ 2: Watch The Electoral College video roundtable located in Week Four on the Materials tab of the student web page. After watching the video debate, decide whether you are in favor of or opposed to the Electoral College. Defend your answer. Do you think the Electoral College is necessary? Respond to a classmate with a different opinion.

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