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Power Point Slides Risk Management

I only need three slides completed on the attachment power point following the instructions below. I have attached the project thus far in paper format and need to put in simple terms with notes in the bottom of the slides to further ellaborate on the slides. There is no need to complete special effects or anything for the power point as I will do that on my own. Here are the instructions:

This week your team will construct the PowerPoint presentation that you intend to present to the Board of Directors. The presentation should detail the new risk policy for CCH, outline the risks identified along with solutions to deal with the risks. Be sure to include extensive slide notes as well. Outline your team's plan to adequately measure, record and report identified risk areas.

Policy outlines expectations, not detailed tasks (2 to 3 PPT slides, nothing elaborate, use notes to detail more if needed)

  1. Define Risk Management
  2. Approach/Methodology Used (think strategy and framework)
  3. Responsibility – Board, CEO, CFO, CRO, and others (risk culture/governance)
  4. Types of Risk (Chapter 3, COSO, or mixture)
  5. Monitoring/Assurance (tools used/who is going to provide independent assessments?)
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