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PPA 403 Week 1 Quiz

The file PPA 403 Week 1 Quiz includes solution to the following questions:

1.Question :

In our democratic system we expect that government justify

2.Question :

The Administrative Procedure Act (APA) effectively

3.Question :

There are six (6) regional U.S. Courts of Appeals or circuit courts which hear most of the appeals from administrative agencies.

4.Question :

A statute is a law determined in an administrative agency.

5.Question :

One can think of administrative law as both limiting and empowering administrative government at the same time.

6.Question :

Administrative law depends solely on court created rules and procedures to control power.

7.Question :

The courts primary role in administrative law is predominantly procedural.

8.Question :

Common law is the system by which judges use precedent rather than statutes to decide conflicts.

9.Question :

Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations recognized that the state played an important role in policing and maintaining order for the

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