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PPA 403 Week 5 Discussion Question 1 Affirmative Action Policies

In this document PPA 403 Week 5 Discussion Question 1 Affirmative Action Policies you will find right answers on the following task: "Affirmative action employment policies are often misunderstood. Many programs seek no more than to equalize racial or sexual balance in employment where occupational tests have little or no predictive power on job performance. Look-up one or two offices or policies of affirmative action and/or equal opportunity to see what agencies are doing in this area and report on your findings. In your response, also consider the following questions: Is there any legal or moral objection to such programs? What principles of justice, if any, support such affirmative action policies? How might an affirmative action officer shape their program to encourage a balanced mix in employment without raising claims of reverse discrimination? Respond to at least two of your classmates

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