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Prepare a 1,200 word proposal for a project based on research that will end in a recommendation report, which is the last assignment in the course. Proposals can be fun to write, as long as you have a

Prepare a 1,200 word proposal for a project based on research that will end in a recommendation report, which is the last assignment in the course. 

Proposals can be fun to write, as long as you have a topic that truly engages your interest and you can locate materials for research. The psychology is like this: you skate out over thin ice, but you are confident because you have done enough research already  to know you can do the job.

Getting Started:

Your first step will be to locate a topic that will serve for both the proposal and the recommendation report. The topic should be researchable, problem based, and directed toward workable solutions to issues and concerns in the workplace.  You will need a main idea (like a thesis statement for an essay).

 Suggested topics might include:

a) harassment, sexual discrimination, and racism at work (descriptions of situations, definitions of terms and problems, and ways to deal with and prevent  occurences);

As with any research tasks, you will need to start with a few basic research questions relating to the topic and then search for information that will help you to answer these questions.

Describing situations and then analyzing problems will be your focus in this task.  Make best use of both academic and practical research skills. Your own experience is also relevant.

Understanding the Need for Research  for the Proposal:

  1. This proposal is not a RFP (Request for Proposal); instead, you are choosing a topic and trying to persuade your reader that you have the qualifications and abilities to do a research task.
  2. Imagine that you are doing on site research (looking around in your workplace, talking to friends and associates, asking your boss questions, googling, using data bases in the university library, and watching current events as reported in newspapers, television, Facebook, and Twitter, and other social media. Imagined scenarios are fine for this assignment also.
  3. Unless you have some facts at hand, you will not be able to persuade a reader to let you do the work.
  4. Unless you show enthusiasm and a realistic plan for completing tasks in a timely fashion, the proposal will not gain attention .


Please note that you do not need a letter of transmittal or a table of contents or a separate outline or an abstract/summary at the beginning.

  1. Title page
  2. Introduction with background or description of situation and problem question or statement; briefly review what you imagine to be a potential reader’s situation, establish a need for action, and explain how things could be better
  3. Solutions outlined for the problem under discussion; highlight the best solution; show the benefits of the key solution for your potential audience or reader
  4. Scope of what will be the boundaries of the research, what you will and will not do
  5. Survey of initial research, including the facts and evidence for both the current situation and changes you have in mind
  6. Approach to the research explained, in the best way you can, with the information you have at hand
  7. Work and time line: explain the steps you’ll take, the time frame (when the work will being and how it will be broken into stages, and when it will be completed)
  8. Costs as appropriate
  9. Summary of your own or your organization’s experience and facilities to do this work
  10. Conclusion that summarizes the key points, reviews the benefits of the project for readers, and ends with a call to action
  11. List of references (about six sources) of research to date and research planned
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