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Final Project

Due: June 9, 2017 by 11:59pm

Each student will be responsible for a final project. Each student will pick a program NOT covered this quarter. The program must be used in some correctional format (probation, parole, facility, juvenile detention, etc.). You will present the program to the class; an overview, background, strengths, limitations and effectiveness in a PPT presentation (simply uploaded to the link provided; NO actual presentation is required of you). Additionally, you will provide a brief synopsis of the program, in a word document to me (see guidelines below).

Your program will be decided in Week 2 of the quarter. Please meet each deadline below to stay on track. The Final Project is worth 100 points.

The Final Project will consist of an outline, PowerPoint and brief write-up. The dates and grade breakdown follow.

Program Decision- No points (April 14)

Submit your program choice to me by April 14. You may upload the name of your program to the link provided on BB.

Outline- 25 points (April 30)

Each student is responsible for a tentative presentation outline. Your presentation outline is due the end of Week 4 (on April 30). The outline should be 1-2 pages. It should provide an overview of what you plan to present/discuss. In addition to the 1-2 page outline, a reference list (in APA format) should be provided at this time. Please submit your outline to the corresponding link provided within the Final Project tab on BlackBoard. Please follow the APA outline example under the APA Resources tab.  

PowerPoint & Write-up-  75points (June 4)

Your PPT should be professional, thorough and relate to the outline you previously provided. The slides you provide should allow you to talk for at least 10 minutes (if you were to present the PPT). The slides should include imagery, citations, transitions and talking points. Complete sentences should NOT be included. The last slide of your PPT should be a reference list in correct (and corrected) APA format. Your entire PPT should follow APA formatting. The PPT slides should be uploaded to the corresponding link provided within the Final Project tab on BlackBoard by June 4. Remember, this presentation should be visually interesting!

In addition to submitting your PPT, you should also submit a brief synopsis of the program you have chosen. This synopsis should include the following:

1) Overview of the program- what type of offenders is it used for, what area of corrections, etc.

2) Known success or failure of the program- speak to its effectiveness

3) Limitations of the program- what could be improved upon; what might be limiting its success

4) Your own opinion- do you find the program useful? Why or why not? What would you change? Why?

Your entire synopsis should be 1-2 pages, single spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font. Your synopsis should be submitted to the synopsis link, NOT the PPT link. Additionally, your synopsis should have a title page. Answering these questions will likely require you to conduct additional research. It is imperative you include in-text citations and references to receive full credit.

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