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Project details The perspective- In this project, you take the perspective of the promoters owners of the business enterprise engaged in the...

Project details

The perspective- In this project, you take the perspective of the promoters owners of the business enterprise engaged in the manufacture of the product or provision of service. discussion about the form of organisation and region of operation etc is a matter of your choice. basically you will write the report resuming The Reader to be your prospective investor and or customers and try to address reader interest, question and concerns in a professional manner with meaningful and clear explanations.

in this project report you will first outline the business and operations strategy mission statement core components product and process design and quality considerations in the manufacturing process for the product service you have selected. then you will proceed to analyse and select a production location allocation for cost your production requirements plan the capacity of your production facilities schedule consideration and establish and necessary supply chain partnership additionally you will need to discuss for your inventory management policies will be and your plans for implementing ERP and learn management in your production facility you will need to include the following section in your project report.

  1. Mission statement- mission statement that addresses minimally what business will the company is in who the customer are and how will the company's bases benefits with define the businesses.
  2. Strategy- how do you plan to gain a competitive advantage in the Marketplace are in other word "what are your core competencies?" try to address the question whether your company will come teeth on Cost quality time for flexibility on a combination of two or more of these dimensions.
  3. Environment scanning- results of environmental scanning (government regulations Trends opportunities and threats etc) and the factor influencing your choice of product process etc.
  4. Detailed description of product- a detailed description of your product (include complete details of the component parts and the process of manufacture). you may also want to discuss, how did you pick your products?
  5. Quality Management- how will you ensure consistent quality in your products and process? how company's standards compared with the industry standards? any bench marketing etc.
  6. Forecasting- decide what to forecast. evaluate and analyse appreciate data. select the forecasting method and justify your selection. generate for cost how will you check accuracy of your forecast ? will you forecast for seasonally and if so how explain.
  7. Operations Planning- determine the necessary "production capacity" of your facility based on your demand forecast ? What productivity measurements willwe use?
  8. Location consideration-describe the steps/ analysis that you follow that determine the best location for your facility.Discuss, (a) Regional national consideration, (b) community cosiderations, (c) Site Consideration.
  9. Manufacturing- describe how you will manufacture your product(machine,labour,robotics etc.).what type of manufacturing process layout will you use and why? keep in mind that you will most likely you till I just in time to be extent possible.
  10. Facility Layout- develop a diagram of the facility layout and justify your layout choice. show the product flows through the facility from raw material to finished product.
  11. Just-in-time- how will you utilize " just in time" concept in your facility. discuss your inventory management policies and ERP implementation if any?

Write ten page and follow up guidelines for formatting the reports and citing references.

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