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Project Due soon just, some modification needs to be made.

Project Due soon just, some modification needs to be made.

Project - Part 5 - Arrays

Modify the pseudocode design that you created in ITP 100 Project - Part 4 to include at least the following modules.

·       Enter the ClassTitle into an array named Classes and NumberofSeats into an array named ClassSeats.  The information for the Classes is stored in the ITP100ClassName_LastName file. (ClassSeats =  -999 when end the file is reached)

·       Update Classes inventory (add to inventory/deduct from inventory)

·       Calculate and print the student's bill.

·       Calculate and print the total number of students in each class.

·       Calculate and print the average number of students in each class.

The student will be prompted to enter their student ID and whether they want to add a class, drop a class or display their schedule.

Add a class - after the student has finished entering the class title(s), the system will calculate and print the bill.

Drop a class - a message is printed on the screen after dropping the class.

Modify the hierarchy chart to include the new modules. Save the hierarchy chart as ITP100Project-Part5-Hierarchy-LastName.doc

Save the pseudocode design using the filename ITP100Project-Part5-LastName.doc

Submit for a Grade:

·       Upload the files ITP100Project-Part5-Hierarchy-LastName.doc and ITP100Project-Part5-LastName.doc file to the ITP100_Project_Part5 file upload area.


·       The assignment is worth 100 points.

·       The project is worth 15% of your final course grade.

Constant Integer classcost= 150

Constant Real techfee=.05

Module main()

Declare integer studentid, numberofclasses, hours,

Declare Integer SIZE=5

Declare string classtitle[SIZE]

Declare numberofseats[SIZE]

Declare Real totalbill

Set Classtitle[SIZE] = ITP101, CSC110, ENG100, HIS120, ITN110

Set numberofseats= 3,2,5,2,3

Call GetStudentid(studentid)

Call GetNumberofclasses(numberofclasses)

Call GetTotalbill(totalbill)

Call GetHours(hours)

Call GetClasstitle(classtitle)

Call GetTotaldue(totalbill)

End module

Module getStudentid( Integer Ref studentid)

Display "Please Enter Student ID"

Input studentid

End module

Module GetNumberofclasses(Integer Ref numberofclasses)

Set numberofclasses=3

End module

Module getClasstitle(string Ref classtitle)

Declare integer classnum=1

While classnum <=3

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