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Project Management DQ

WBS Strategies:

1. What strategies does a project leader use to identify necessary work packages and the order in which they must be completed? Provide examples

2. Why would some factors lead to an alternative WBS? Provide some examples of these factors

Project Failure:

3. From your professional experience, describe a project that faltered or failed. How might an effective WBS prevent this from occurring?

4.Under what circumstances might a project leader alter or abandon a WBS?

5.How should a project leader communicate these changes to the team without undermining the project or his or her leadership position?

6. If you are asked to develop a WBS for a project where you do not have knowledge of the components, how do you get started?

7.What is crashing the schedule in project management? 

8.Once you have approval to Crash the schedule make changes - what tips and techniques are available to help re-plan the work?

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