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Proposal Requires TURNITIN REPORT

For this assignment you will introduce, identify key issues, explain the analysis process, discuss the results, and summarize a case related to human performance technology applied to supermarkets in India in the form of a proposal.  In addition to the items above you are to make suggestions to improve the methods used in the case as well as provide your own conclusion.

The proposal should be twelve to fifteen (12-15) page paper, excluding the title page and references.  The proposal (as Microsoft Word files) must be submitted with at least 3 references INCLUDING THE ATTACHED CASE STUDY.

 Format: 12 fonts, Time New Roman, Double-Space, and 1’ margin

 Format: APA 6th edition Format with 3 references including attached case study

 Required Project Components

1) Title Page:

2) Table of Contents

3) Why Your Team Select this Case?

4) Case Introduction

5) Problems/Issues in the Case

6) Explanation of Analysis Process

7) Results of the Case

8) Synthesis/Summary of the Case

9) What are Your Suggestions to Improve the Process/Methods/Approaches Used in the Case?

10) Your Team Conclusion (By reviewing and analyzing the case you select, specific opinion and thought about the case, regardless of the conclusion of the case which authors have written. I would like to hear your voice from in your conclusion)

Requires a separate TURNITIN REPORT with LESS THAN 20% Similarity

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