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PSY 210 Week 7 DQ 1 and DQ 2

This archive file comprises PSY 210 Week 7 Discussion Questions

DQ 1: Everyone differs slightly in what they consider attractive or beautiful. Do you believe certain attributes are universally attractive? What are these attributes? Do you believe one's sense of beauty is intrinsic or learned? What influence do the media and one's peers have on the concept of beauty? What other factors influence the perception of attraction?

DQ 2: Relationships, similar to people, go through stages of development. Describe how a person moves through each of the five stages of Levinger's ABC's of relationships model. As you write your description, include answers to the following questions: What do you think people look for in the attraction stage? How do people work on building a relationship? What are some positive factors that foster the continuation of a relationship? What steps might a couple take to avoid the deterioration phase?

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