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PSY 210 Week 9 Final Project Case Study

This work of PSY 210 Week 9 Final Project Case Study includes answers to the next questions:

- What are the causes of stress in Michael's or Jennifer's life? How is stress affecting Michael's or Jennifer's health?

- How are these stressors affecting Michael's or Jennifer's self-concept and self-esteem?

- How might Michael's or Jennifer's situation illustrate adjustment? How might this situation become an opportunity for personal growth?

- What defensive coping methods are Michael or Jennifer using? What active coping methods might be healthier for Michael or Jennifer to use? Explain why you would recommend these methods.

- Select one theory of personality and use this theory to tell Michael or Jennifer how this theory explains his or her situation.

- In what stage of development is Michael or Jennifer and what factors about this stage might be affecting his or her perspective of this situation?

- What relationship factors or considerations might be influencing Michael's or Jennifer's problems?

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