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PSY 221 child psy. article critique project: need references and title page

Article Critique Project: Revised Title Page and Reference List Instructions

(In preparation for the Article Critique Final Paper due in Module/Week 5)

This assignment is your second step in the process of completing your Article Critique Final Paper due in Module/Week 5. This assignment allows you to make any needed revisions to your choice of article or to your APA formatting.

In addition, you will include references for 3 supplementary articles that you will use to support your evaluation when writing your final article critique.

Your grade for this project is based on two criteria:

  • Your ability to correctly apply current APA guidelines for formatting a paper.
  • Your ability to obtain 3 additional scholarly references and correctly format all 4 of the references that you will use in your final paper.

For this assignment you will:

1)      Make any suggested corrections related to your feedback from the previous assignment

2)      Choose 3 scholarly journal articles that relate to the article that you chose to critique. These 3 articles will be used to support your evaluation when you write your Article Critique Final Paper. The articles that you select must conform to the following criteria:

a.       The articles must be recent (published within the past 10 years)

b.      The articles must be a scholarly article (peer-reviewed)

c.       The articles must relate to the topic of the article that you chose to review.

3)      Use proper current APA-formatting

Be sure to review the Grading Rubric for this assignment.

This assignment must include an APA-formatted title page and APA-formatted reference page with all four of the articles for your final paper.

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