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PSY 400 Week 2 DQ 2

This archive file of PSY 400 Week 2 Discussion Question 2 shows the solutions to the following points:

Remember to also respond to your peers with at least six additional responses. Between DQs and participation responses, you must participate in the courseroom on at least four days per week. Participation responses must be a minimum of 100 words and fully substantive to earn full credit. If you have questions on what constitutes substantive, please see the document on DQ writing Tips that will be posted in the course materials forum. Even when we are not aware of it, there are myriad influences that affect how we perceive, judge, and interpret information in the process of social decision making. Consider the factors that affect an individual's social beliefs and judgments. For this discussion, identify at least two beliefs held by individuals that would support private versus public education. Simply state these beliefs, and using them, address the following items.a) Indicate how these beliefs may have been formed.b) Explain how these beliefs appear to be maintained.c) Speculate on how these beliefs might be changed.

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