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Psychology question

All answers must be your own words. When I ask for examples, you must create your own examples. Examples from the internet, textbook, class activities, study guides, other students, etc. are not acceptable. Do not use direct quotes in any of your answers. Please make sure to fully answer each question to receive full points. As a guideline, I expect 10 point questions to take at least 1 paragraph (8-10 sentences) to answer the question fully. I want you to answer the question concisely, focusing only on relevant information. Be clear, precise, and thorough in your answers. Do NOT search the internet for answers!!! The point of this exam is to demonstrate your own thinking about the topics you have learned thus far in the course. How well you do on this exam is based on the level of thought and detail evident in your responses

Develop and describe a comprehensive program for the reduction of stigma associated with mental disorders. For each of the different components of your program, describe who is expected to participate, where the program will occur, what techniques and methods will be used, and what people will do and/or learn in your program. Be sure to provide sufficient details and examples so that I have a clear “picture” in my head of what your program will look like, including who will participate in it, where it will occur, how it will be implemented, and what people will be doing in it.

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