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QNT 275 Week 2 Activity Data Set

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Data Set

Review the following business scenario:

You are the manager in a small town in the lake district of a Midwestern state enjoys a robust tourist season during the summer months, but has only a small population of residents during the off season. The Littletown Café adjusts the levels of staff according to the time of year, to coincide with the number of guests, with the tourist season typically starting around Memorial Day each year. One wait staff employee can serve 50 guests. When a bus staff employee is added, the pair can serve 75 guests. At 76 guests, the café adds a second wait staff employee, for a total of 2 waiters and one busser. Analysis of guest numbers can support future decisions about scheduling wait staff, dishwashers, and bus staff for the café.

Download the data set.

Review the data in the data set.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you:

Explain why this is (or is not) a suitable sample of quantitative data for the business scenario. Evaluate the factors that would affect the validity of the data set. Evaluate the factors that would affect the reliability of the data set. Explain the steps you took to arrive at your conclusion about validity and reliability. Display the data set in a chart. Explain briefly why that chart type was selected. Calculate the measures of central tendency and variability (mean, median, mode, standard deviation) for the data. Explain the steps you followed to come your answer. Interpret the measures of central tendency and variability.What are three conclusions you can draw based on the data analysis?

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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