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qualitative research assignment

It is due in a few hours please only accept if you can deliver it by 10pm tonight

XX University is considering switching from the quarter system to the semester system to be more on track with other universities in the area.  Your job is to explore this topic and help provide some answers to the committee in charge of making the final decision.  To do this you MUST:

(1) Discuss (in detail) how you would research this topic in at least 2 different ways --- what variables (IV vs DV) would you use?  Identify the research questions you would use to guide your research.

(2) Next conduct some qualitative interviews to collect the "consumer" perspective on this topic (keep in mind that students are NOT the only stakeholders in this decision...who else might be impacted by a shift?  Consider people at DePaul, local businesses, other family???).  Write up a guide before you do your interviews so you know what questions to ask!  You must conduct AT LEAST 4 interviews in this research (each should take you about 15+ minutes)!

(3) Write up a summary of the work you did including a list of the questions and your initial "findings".  Try to include some quote from the qualitative research. Make sure you include a description of who you talked to and why. I anticipate this report will run you 5 pages, 1.5 spaced, traditional margins.

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