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Question 1 The period of Texas\' political independence has contributed to the state\'s political culture because it fostered individualistic beliefs...

Question 1

The period of Texas' political independence has contributed to the state's political culture because

  • it fostered individualistic beliefs that make Texans less reliant on the national government for assistance.
  • Texans learned how difficult it was to survive without the protection of the U. S. government.
  • this period of the state's history was when cultural diversity became evident in Texas.
  • it ensured the dominance of Roman Catholicism in the state.
Question 2

Although its responsibilities are primarily executive and legislative, the county commissioners court has important judicial functions as well.Answers:

  • True
  • False
Question 3

George W. Bush is known as the Father of Texas Education.Answers:

  • True
  • False
Question 4

Population trends in Texas indicate that

  • Hispanics will become Texas's largest single population by 2030 if migration trends remain as they were over the past 20 years.
  • Anglos will remain the majority population group in Texas through at least 2060.
  • African-Americans will become the population majority by 2020.
  • Texas will witness steadily rising standards of living.
Question 5

The county tax assessor-collector

  • appraises all real estate in the county for taxation by all taxing authorities in the county.
  • collects license fees for motor vehicles.
  • appraises all real estate in the county for taxation by the county government only.
  • collects a state property tax.
Question 6

The State of Texas gets most of its state revenue from a state income tax.

  • True
  • False
Question 7

As a reaction to E. J. Davis's abuse of power, Texas judges are now appointed by the State Legislature.

  • True
  • False
Question 8

The ____ theory of economic and social development holds that if business flourishes, everyone will benefit from the prosperity that follows.

  • hidden hand
  • golden rule
  • trickle-down
  • big brother
  • basic needs
Question 9

The Texas political culture has been heavily influenced by

  • the migration of people to Texas from the North and Northeast.
  • the military industrial complex that is so important to the Texas economy.
  • the early settlers of the state, which included Baptists, farmers, and slave owners.
  • an early influx of British colonists.
Question 10

The second largest area of expenditure in the Texas state budget is for transportation costs.

  • True
  • False
Question 11

A progressive tax is one that

  • levies a flat rate for all taxpayers, regardless of income.
  • taxes those at higher income levels at a higher rate.
  • places a greater tax burden on those at lower income levels.
  • taxes those at lower income levels at a higher rate.
Question 12
  • In Texas counties, the county clerk's office is responsible forAnswers:maintaining the county jail.
  • registering voters.
  • maintaining public records.
  • prosecuting civil and criminal cases.
  • collecting property taxes.
Question 13

Constitutions written during the post-Reconstruction era severely weakened the powers of the Governor.

  • True
  • False
Question 14
  • Which of the following nations is not represented among the Six Flags of Texas?
  • A. Spain
  • B. Republic of Texas
  • C. Great Britain
  • D. Confederate States of America
  • E. Mexico
Question 15

Under the Texas Constitution, counties are administrative extensions of the state.

  • True
  • False
Question 16

Elazar's "traditionalistic" political culture is characterized byAnswers:a belief in elite rule.

  • the promotion of racist policies.
  • a high level of voter participation.
  • historic dominance by the Democratic Party.
  • intolerance of political corruption.
Question 17

A primary motive of the delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention of 1875 was

  • to provide adequate representation of the urban interests in the state.
  • to continue support for the policies of the E. J. Davis administration.
  • to be protective of big-business interests.
  • to limit the powers, salaries, and terms of office of statewide officials.
Question 18

Which of the following best describes the reasoning of the people who drafted the 1876 Constitution?

  • the delegates were more interested in correcting Reconstruction problems than in future challenges.
  • the delegates only intended to make slight changes in the 1869 Constitution.
  • urban interests were of utmost importance in the considerations of the delegates.
  • the delegates were determined to protect the interests of black citizens.
Question 19

The empresario system was used to

  • protect Spanish and Mexican land titles during the Civil War.
  • offer cheap land to Americans who agreed to colonize the Mexican colony of Tejas.
  • negotiate treaties with Native Americans for the purpose of giving their land to Anglo settlers.
  • create the separation of powers under our current state constituiton.
Question 20

Because of the many amendments to the Texas Constitution, it is a very up-to-date document.

  • True
  • False
Question 21

The Texas State Constitution has been amended to include many of the policies that are part of the Progressive Era.

  • True
  • False
Question 22

The most common type of municipal election in Texas is single member district and partisan.

  • True
  • False
Question 23

General obligation bonds

  • A. Are used to finance routine government projects that do not generate incom
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