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Question 50 / 0.2 pointsWhich of the following best describes a strategy of

Question 50 / 0.2 points

Which of the following best describes a strategy of


Question options:

When products are perceived to offer greater satisfaction and for which customers are, consequently, prepared to pay premium price.

When a company's products or services offer features that are not offered by competitors' offerings.

When a company has a widely recognized brand name.

When a company has a competency that distinguishes it from other companies in the same industry

Question 70 / 0.2 points

Which statement best captures the meaning of value proposition?

Question options:

It is a sales pitch promotion designed to prompt an immediate purchase

It explains why the customer would choose the firm's product over alternatives or no product at all

It is a comprehensive list of product features basically the same thing as an advertisement or a sales pitch

It is a marketing statement that tries to convince the customer to buy

Question 80 / 0.2 points

The Ajax company needs help developing a digital marketing strategy. They are looking to hire someone with good communication skills who is also familiar with Twitter, Facebook, and Google Ads. Paul is interested in the job but has never worked as a communications professional, and his experience with social media is for personal rather than business use. Max Weber would recommend that Ajax:

Question options:

Offer the job to Paul

Follow a formal selection process.

Outsource the work to India.

Give the job to a family member instead of Paul.

Question 100 / 0.2 points

An organizations Mission is a statement of their overarching aspirations of what it hopes to achieve or become. 

Question options:


Question 160 / 0.2 points

CFI requires project managers to understand what is required, many analysts to coordinate their work, and testing to confirm that outcomes match the plan and what is needed. To coordinate and sequence the tasks, managers use the modern equivalent of:

Question options:


Pert Charts


Excel and Word


Large paper schedules


Gantt Charts

Question 180 / 0.2 points

Planning translates strategic plans into specific actions that need to be implemented by departments throughout the organization. 

Question options:


Question 200 / 0.2 points

Amir goes to industry conferences twice a year. The prepared speeches contain a few surprises, but the side conversations give him a read on what other firms are doing and perhaps the trade-offs that they see in the industry. Amir is engaged in:

Question options:

Legal Analysis

Technological Analysis

Social Scanning

Environmental Scanning

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