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Question:Would you be able to answer questions #1-4?

Question:Would you be able to answer questions #1-4? Not sure where to upload the supporting PDF.. Thanks

Assignment 3.2: Determining the Probability That a Statistic Comes from a Particular Distribution

After completing the assigned readings and watching the recommended videos, consider all that you have reviewed and think about the issues and analysis you completed in Assignment 3.1.

Words needed = 300

You have disaggregated the length of stay values and separated them into their appropriate MS-DRG category, but you still haven't answered the question that prompted the initial analysis: Is your facility's ALOS for heart failure consistent with that of all Medicare heart failure patients? You want to complete the analysis by testing the hypothesis that your facility's ALOS is greater than the Medicare benchmark. More formally, you have specified the following null and alternative hypotheses:

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