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Quick Questions

What is the difference between a group and a team? Think of an example of a time when you working on a team. How was it different (or the same) as a time when you worked on a group? (100 words)

How are the characteristics that make a team effective different than what makes a group effective? (100 words)

How would you describe Tuckman's Five-Stage Model of Group Development? What are the stages of team development? (100 words)

What should be considered during each step? How would you build trust during team development? What is the role of communication in project team development? (100 words)

Based on the four criteria of a group listed, (Common Identity, Collective Goals, Collective Norms, and Two+ Freely Interacting Individuals) what has been your experience when working in a group? Think of a recent group you worked with, what was the purpose of the group how many members did it have? (100 words)

What variables helped the group to be successful or hindered the effectiveness of the group? If you could change one thing about that group, what would you change to help it be more effective? (100 words)

What is power? Where does it come from? How might someone gain or lose power? (100 words)

Think of an example of someone that you feel has power. What type of power does this person have (Legitimate, Expert, Referent, Coercive, or Reward)? How might the type/bases of their power influence how that person exercises their power? (100 words)

Organization Power: Describe the bases of coercive power. Evaluate if coercive power is most (or least) effective from a leadership perspective. (100 words)

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