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Quick Questions

What is organizational culture? How do the different drivers of culture help to shape and form organizational culture? (100 words)

What role do founder values, the industry, national culture, strategy, organizational vision, and behavior or leadership help to determine the overall culture of an organization? (100 words)

Based on Competing Values Framework, how do the different competing values help to drive organizational culture? (100 words)

How are the directions of Collaborate, Create, Control and Compete different from each other? At your own work (or places where you've worked), which elements had the greatest influence of your own organizational culture? Why and what were the results? (100 words)

What is stress and why is it important for an organization (or a manager) to be actively aware of what issues are causing employees stress in the workplace? (100 words)

What forces contribute the most to change in the workplace? How have these forces contributed to changes that you have experienced at your own work? (100 words)

Have these changes been for the better (or for the worse)? Why? (100 words)

Human Resources Role in Organizational Development: Describe the relationship between human resource management and organizational development. (200 words)

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