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Read 30 page provided .. summarize it and create 10 academic questions and answers


Lit-Reviews should consist of at least four major paragraphs.

·      Paragraph 1:

o    Introduce the scholar’s general topic and its relevance in contemporary society, academic study, or specific field.

o   What is the author’s overarching argument?

o   What is his/her concern?

o   What is the Big Picture concept in the essay?

·      Paragraph 2:

o   What resources, studies, or evidence provided by the author?

o   Analyze the author’s research and provide an example (quote from the reading)

o   Why is the quote or evidence you present important? Explain?

·      Paragraph 3:

o   What is the author missing?

o   What other views that could have been discussed?

o   Is the author’s argument bias?

o   Provide an alternative viewpoint and scholarship.

·      Paragraph 4:

o   What do you conclude from the author’s argument?

o   What are some new ideas or directions that the author can follow or develop?

o   What community or communities’ best served with this scholarship?

 10 Academic questions from the reading:


Question created: Gomez Eanes de Zurara was commissioned to write a biography of the life and slave-trading work of Prince Henry. In his biography he wrote a book that contains the information of their trading. Give an example from the book of what was going on at the time?

 Answer Created: The Cronicles of the Discovery and Conquest of Guinea begins the recorded history of slavery. In 1444 six caravels carrying 240 captives were put to auction by Prince Henry, who turned this auction into a spectacle to show the Portuguese had joined the European league of serious slave-traders of African people. Zurara explained to the Portuguese that their African slave-trading was a venture as missionary expeditions.

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