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Read Chapter One of The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (textbook: Lau and Johnson).Part 1Review the material in Chapter 1 on Gathering and Using Information. Then, go to the discussion foru

Read Chapter One of The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (textbook: Lau and Johnson).

Part 1

Review the material in Chapter 1 on Gathering and Using Information. Then, go to the discussion forum for Unit 1 and engage in a dialogue with your classmates by answering the following questions:

  • Is it more important for you to follow the letter of the law or to follow the spirit of the law? In what circumstance would you believe the opposite to be true?
  • How does the rule of law affect business?
  • What would business be like in a land without any rule of law system? Be specific.

Cite any reference in apa format and post a minimum of 250 words. 

Part 2

 Write an essay in which you discuss three ways in which the law affects business in Grenada West Indies. Describe the nature and source of the law involved, give possible reasons for the law, describe impacts of the law on business (both positive and negative), and suggest ways that the law could be improved. Prepare an essay of 1,500 words. 

The paper should be 12-point font, double spaced, Times New Roman, and include a final source list.  

Part 3 

Students should document their activities, record problems they may have encountered and draft answers for Discussion Forums and Assignments. In addition, the student should consider the following questions for reflection: How does an effective system of law provide a better environment in which businesses can operate successfully? How does this compare to situations in which there is little effective law governing business relations?

 Minimum of 300 words and cite any reference in apa format.

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