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Read, review, analyze Michelle Alexander’s chapter from her book The New Jim Crow, and write a rhetorical analysis.

700 words essay

Write about her main argument (or one of her main claims) and explain how she develops and supports it.

  • You can evaluate (your POV) what she does and how she does it.
  • Your POV will not be on the issues or ideas, but rather, on her work and what she accomplishes (or doesn't).

Write about how she implements her strategies and for what goals (think author purpose)? 

  • Consider (and research over the weekend) things like what rhetoric is, what a rhetorical situation is, what a rhetorical analysis is.
  • Research and review LogosEthos, and Pathos  as writing techniques which writers use as they provide examples/proofs/evidence.  
  • Analyze author's use of language (description, word choices, terms/concepts). 
  • Also consider how the consequences and implications (link) (how she affects/impacts her readers).
  • Consider (citing) a little bit about author and his/her credentials.
  • I am providing youtube links below with more details on rhetoric and rhetorical analysis.

For this option, outside sources are optional, but can be helpful to your audience, for example, when explanation of a writing strategy etc…

Keep in mind that you can’t analyze everything that Michelle is  saying and/or doing, so carefully pick what you will focus on (which could be one of her main claims and some of her important strategies).



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