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Read the following:

Read the following:

Part 1

  • First, which thinker from this unit you like best and why? Then, what was the most interesting interaction with the course you had this entire class (all units)?
  • Tell the class something that you read or learned during PHIL 1402 and discuss a way in which it came up in a conversation or application of your life during our time together.
1-2 paragraghs for each bullet. Part 2

For this week’s journal, please share what the most interesting part (lesson/discussion) this week was to you. How did that reading, or experience of thinking about it, change your perception of knowledge and truth around you?  Consider the philosophers discussed this unit and please explain how you thought before, and how the new viewpoint changed that old thinking into something new.

Minimum words is 300 words. Cite any refrences in apa format.

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