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Please read "Prison Guard Predators" by Worley et al. beginning on page 102 of your Latessa/Holsinger

text. Answer the following questions accordingly. Your responses should be based in what you have read. Please include citations throughout, as well as references in APA format. Your response is worth 20 points and should be thorough. Your response is due by 11:59pm on Day 7. Please upload your response in a WORD document

1) On page 104, Allen and Bosta (1981) provide 5 varieties of offenders who attempt to form inappropriate relationships with correctional employees. Which of these, in your opinion, is the worst? Why? 

2) Though we have not yet discussed private prisons, do you hypothesize the problem of sexual misconduct as being worse in state-run facilities or private (owned by private corporations) facilities? Why? Consider what you do know about both. 

3) Consider Table 11.1. What are your thoughts on the interview questions? Are there any you would add, change or remove? Which? 

4) Think outside the box for a moment. Consider the article. How similar are the steps to forming a romantic relationship inside prison as to the steps to form a romantic relationship in "free" society? 

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